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Sunday, October 8 – Tuesday, October 10

On-site training. Classes will run from 8a to 6p each day. More details.

Tom Carpenter – CWNA

Peter Mackenzie – CWAP

Keith Parsons – CWDP

Robert Bartz – CWSP

Wednesday, October 11

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Kevin Snyder is a professional speaker having presented to over 500,000 people and worked with over 1,150 audiences in all 50 states and several countries. Kevin’s clients have ranged from Anheuser-Busch to the Association of Circuses and all in between. In this special keynote customized for this Wi-Fi Trek conference, you will hear fascinating stories and learn leadership secrets and strategies of breakthrough performances that will help you through the constant maze of challenges so you can achieve more in less time. Kevin is the author of several books, his bestselling book titled, “Think Differently to Achieve Success!” Through his presentations and leadership content, Kevin outlines a process showing how it’s possible for anyone, from any background, to think bigger than ever before and empower that same mindset in others.

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Tom will provide a detailed update on what has happened at CWNP in 2017 and what you can expect in 2018. He will provide a full review of the new CWS-2017, CWT-2017 and CWNA-107 exams to help you best prepare for them and assist in preparing others. Then, he will move on to discuss where Wi-Fi is going in the future. Starting with the current state of Wi-Fi and moving out to paint a picture of Wi-Fi networks in the next five years, Tom will arm you with the knowledge needed to stay up-to-date with the trends in the Wi-Fi space.

Gustavo is going to discuss how he decided to use this subject on an academic paper, the steps of research (both academic and business-wise), the steps on doing an academic paper and some perspectives about this subject from a Brazilian market standpoint.

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It’s a corny title, but Glenn has a great story to lead into this discussion. Data rates is a vibrant topic in WLAN technology, ranging from setting the rate speed, to where rates are advertised to why you should use lower rates at times. Glenn will also discuss the future of data rates coming in 802.11ax.

There are several competing standards for the future of Wi-Fi beyond 802.11ac, such as 802.11ad, 802.11af, 802.11ah, and 802.11ax. These standards have different advocates, but fundamentally are based on very divergent philosophies of what comes next for the future of Wi-Fi. The “leading” approach, advocated by 802.11ax, is to squeeze all of the Wi-Fi traffic into the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, using ever-more-complex techniques to micromanage the airtime. The competing philosophy is to specialize the use of spectrum band by application, so as to target the use of particular unlicensed lower frequency and higher frequency bands for the applications most suited to them. This talk will review the current and proposed technologies, focusing on the benefits and drawbacks of these divergent approaches to the future of Wi-Fi.

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Heavy laptops, site survey trays, USB hubs, boatloads of Wi-Fi dongles, USB power problems, network adapter driver issues, unstandardized dBm measurements… In this presentation, we’ll discuss Wi-Fi engineers tools, the related challenges – and present ways to reduce all that complexity.

Kimberly Graves with Aruba Networks, an HPE company, presenting cutting edge wireless features in ArubaOS and Aruba location services. Learn about Aruba Enterprise wireless LAN solutions.

The Wireless LAN Association (WLA) was launched on May 1, 2017. The WLA is a professional association for the WLAN community, defining industry best practices and quality assurance in the delivery of Wi-Fi Networks. In this session we will look at the need for WLAN industry association, explaining how you can join and get involved with this exciting organization.

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Thursday, October 12

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What happens when you take the wires away from hackers and InfoSec experts? A comparison of the evolving SLA at the BlackHat global conferences and surprising results from BlackHat Asia and USA 2017.

Many wireless network professionals have the tools and knowledge to capture wireless frames, but how many can successfully analyse the data captured? In this session, Peter, will used traces files captured in the field and walk through the troubleshooting steps needed to identify the problem in each example.

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This presentation will discuss Wireless Site Survey topics as it relates to the planning and design best practices for High-Density Wireless LANs.

Every AP in today’s world advertises no less than a Gbps speed, while we are overwhelmed with the advent of technology and the APs, there are certain factors that work against the best interests of Wi-Fi. Here, Ravi will be presenting a set of lab experiments that actually try to portray how these can be evaluated before selecting the AP that fits your deployment model.

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One of the most complex areas of 802.11 operations is channel access. How does a Wi-Fi device gain access to the channel? In this session, Tom Carpenter will go deep into channel access algorithms in 802.11 including the methods implemented in older devices and newer QoS-capable devices as well. A brief overview of channel access changes coming in 802.11ax will also be provided. Clearly understanding this topic is a primary factor in improving design and troubleshooting skills.

Sometimes we get caught up in what we THINK we know about Wireless LANs. But many parts of how 802.11 actually works are incredibly counterintuitive. In this session, we will discussion and demonstrate many of these idiosyncrasies and teach you how to avoid them with your Wireless LANs. Things you thought were true… just might not be as you might expect.

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When Wi-Fi products entered the market in 1997, they did so exclusively on the 2.4GHz spectrum. By 1999, 5GHz became an alternative, and 18 years later the 5GHz spectrum is an essential component of true high-performance wireless networks. 802.11ac proliferation has driven Wi-Fi vendors to include software definable radios (SDR), enabling support for (2) 5GHz radio configuration OR the typical dual band support. The result is more flexible, future-proof Wi-Fi, capable of supporting the 802.11ac/5GHz-centric future. But are you taking advantage?

Learn more about Nyansa in this presentation by GT!

Stadiums are by far the densest 802.11 station environments. As such, they present many challenges, such as maintaining tight AP coverage, dealing with in-band noise during an event, and planning capacity for the future growth. In this presentation, we will show how these challenges can be overcome by discussing different propagation models one can deploy for in-building networks and explain which one is the most effective for a large venue like a stadium. Using iBwave Wi-Fi, we will give an example of the accuracy of uncalibrated propagation model in a specific venue, show how to calibrate propagation model, and compare the accuracy of uncalibrated vs. calibrated model, talk about how to model the seating area, and discuss the necessity of using inclined surfaces and 3D propagation analysis. We will present 3D stadium heat maps and will close the presentation with discussing data applications most used in stadiums, and how they impact capacity.

Friday, October 13

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What exactly is cloud networking? What impact will emerging technology such as IoT and 802.11ax have for the cloud? David will define and discuss the evolution and overall impact of cloud computing.

Luiz will describe the details of designing and implementing reliable guest access in the biggest hacker conference on the planet, DEF CON. From reliable wifi access to the users to protecting the infrastructure and systems behind it.

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When very few people were using Wi-Fi and had a small number of devices, Wi-Fi was great. As both user density and device density have increased, the requirement for good planning and implementation has had to evolve to keep pace. Unfortunately, many networks expand organically without a redesign based on current and future needs. This practice must be stopped. It is up to the wireless community of professionals to intervene on the behalf of good Wi-Fi use to make WI-FI great again.

Please note that schedule is subject to change.